Where Do You Like to Play?

Where do you like to play?

Where Do You Like to Play?

Where do you like to play?

I’ve been feeling a little bit of toxicity in the online business space lately.

It’s easy to get caught up in what the next person is doing. You see someone launch something new with great success (I cannot help but write that with a Borat accent, so if you read it that way, you’re my people), and you try to figure out how you can do the same thing.

OR you see someone post a rant about how blogging or whatever other medium is dead and you start questioning everything you’ve ever done, terrified that you’re about to become irrelevant.

Do you want to know the real secret?

Lean in close because this is something you can truly replicate, and something that will never die out:

The secret is genuine excitement about what you are creating.

But that’s going to look different for everyone, and that’s why it’s so tricky to nail down.

That successful launch that your favorite boss just did? She was totally excited about how she chose to deliver it.

The reason that one blogger shut down her blog in favor of podcasting? Writing blog posts didn’t make her excited anymore, and her audience noticed—but podcasting is something that made her passionate about sharing content again.

It may or may not be the same case for you.

If spilling out your soul in blogging form feels good to you, then that’s something that’s going to work. Your audience can feel that heart behind your words. Words have been around for thousands of years, y’all. Reading is not something that’s going to die.

If creating a webinar series is a medium that makes you feel deeply tapped into your audience when you’re gearing up for a launch—keep doing it! Seeing you + your energy is probably infectious for them too.

But if any of these things feel gross or monotonous or give you anxiety to put on your to-do list, they’re not going to work for you even if they helped the next business owner over with a six-figure launch.

As buyers with options, we look for heart. Anything that feels soulless gets ignored.

Which is exactly what I’ve been telling clients lately who are questioning too many platforms to promote + share themselves. Is it something that you feel excited about? Is it something you like doing? Then, yes! Let’s do it!

And that’s something I’ve been playing around with for myself. Video content feels exciting to me right now. Yes, of course, I’m going to keep writing (it’s my #1 love), but I’m also allowing myself to play elsewhere.

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