In the span of a haircut

In the span of a haircut

In the span of a haircut

In the span of a haircut

Sometimes a haircut makes all the difference in the world.

I got my hair cut last week (and am totally offended that you didn’t already compliment me on it, by the way).

My hairdresser, Kalli, is the best.

As with all great hairdressers, she’s like a pseudo-therapist. She remembers right where we left off last time and knows just what questions to ask. (How’s your job? How’s your family? How did that trip go? Etc. etc.)

That is a serious talent to have—remembering the little details from your clients and then making them feel totally seen and heard while giving them a totally amazing service. That’s an intangible you don’t think about looking for in a haircut—but it’s totally there.

ANYWAY. The previous time I had seen Kalli, I was almost breaking down in tears. You see, Kalli did my wedding hair. I wasn’t planning on going to her as my regular person because the salon is a little more upscale (totally what I wanted for my special day, but not something I would treat myself to on a regular basis). But I trusted her. My haircut is short, and there’s something weird about my hairline behind my ears that everyone else I’ve gone to has been totally unable to understand.

Kalli was outside of my price range, but I was in her salon next-to-tears about seven weeks ago so she could fix what turned out to be an undercut I got from someone else that I totally didn’t ask for (yikes!), and spilling my guts about how much I love her, but that I’m trying to make it as my own boss and money’s tight and most days I don’t even leave the house so why do I even deserve nice hair and MAYBE I SHOULD JUST GIVE UP AND PULL A 2007 BRITNEY AND JUST SHAVE MY WHOLE HEAD!

Kalli talked me down from the clippers and reasoned with me like a total sweetheart. She worked her magic, and I made an appointment for seven weeks later where we would talk about options for different haircuts that maybe required less maintenance.

But seven weeks later, I walked into her salon and everything was different. I had signed several new clients, had more confidence in my business, and to top it all off, my husband had been offered a new job, which meant we were feeling more confident and experiencing growth across multiple levels in life.

So much can change in the period between haircuts. Sometimes seven weeks is all it takes for things to turn around, for the work you’ve been putting in to pay off, for a healthy shift in perspective, and for the next challenge to come your way.

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