How to Save Your Periscope Replays Without Katch

save periscope replays without katch

How to Save Your Periscope Replays Without Katch

save periscope replays without katch

Our beloved Katch is shutting down! They wrote a Medium post detailing their reasons/journey here, but since I’ve been slowly pulling myself away from them over the past couple weeks because it is MUCH better to have your replays on your website anyway, I thought I’d show you how I’ve saved all my content.

Update! Periscope now automatically saves your videos forever—unless you delete them or unless you manually change your settings!

First and foremost, Katch has already stopped “catching” Periscope replays, which means from now on (and if you’ve ‘scoped since April 22nd), you need to do one of the following:

  1. Enable Periscope videos to save to your phone (this is glitchy for me sometimes, so I don’t 100% rely on it)
  2. Record the replay within 24 of Periscoping (more on this below, but it saves all your hearts + comments)

Download all of your old Katch videos

This may be easier said than done depending on how often you’ve Periscoped, but after Katch goes down on May 4th, all videos will be permanently deleted. So now is the time to go through and download any videos that you may want to use at some point in the future.

To do this, you can:

  1. Export all videos directly to your YouTube channel (this is a quick feature Katch has put together to make it easy on you, though they have publicly said that it is NOT perfect, and there may be some glitches)
  2. Download your entire replay library in one zip file
  3. Go through your library one-by-one to pick and choose the videos you really care about

All instructions for this can be found at

Once you have all those videos saved on your computer, you can go through at your leisure to use that content how you wish—even if that’s just turning them into written blog posts later on.

Use this is a chance to brand your visual information + boost your SEO

Do you remember the Periscope I did awhile back about how Periscope can boost your website’s SEO? Check it out if you haven’t seen it, and go ahead and click that link even if you have, just to follow along.

Here are some important things I’ve done to make this content work for me:

  • I uploaded it to YouTube with a branded template. This makes it more visually appealing + it has my Twitter/Periscope username and my website address right there so you don’t forget! (save the video as “unlisted” if you don’t want it to be found on YouTube for whatever reason)
  • I wrote some “show notes” + tweetables. Not only does this give you a quick overview as to what the content of the video is about, but it helps guide you to any references I’ve made, and more importantly it helps boost my SEO.
  • I am directing people to my own website. If ever I make a reference to this Periscope content again, I know how to tell people to find it. Then, once they’ve found it and watched it, they’re already on my website to read other blog posts, or sign up for my newsletter, or hire me.

Important note: Do not upload Periscope videos directly to your website. Video files are large and will slow everything down. This is why I upload my videos first to YouTube (or Vimeo) and then embed the video from there.

How to create a branded template for Periscope

Okay y’all, I’m no designer, but I totally DIYed this one. Granted, I do have Adobe tools working in my favor, but all I did was create an image with a phone vector on it, saved it as a png, and then used it as an overlay for my Periscope video. I change out the title text each time, but otherwise everything else stays consistent.

periscope video template

I’m sure you could do this with any free image design tool like Canva or PicMonkey, but if you’re looking for a professional-looking solution that isn’t DIY, check out my girl, Jessica Bramlett (she created Amy Kuretsky‘s Periscope template and did a great job).

But what about the hearts and comments?

Unfortunately, those are not saved on the Periscope replay that saves to your phone, so my workaround is to record the replay with Quicktime within 24 hours of the Periscope so that I can catch all those hearts + comments.

  1. Turn your phone on airplane mode (getting texts/notifications while you record WILL show up in the recording)
  2. Plug your phone into your computer
  3. Open Quicktime and select New Movie Recording
  4. Click the little arrow next to the red record button and make sure your iphone is selected for both the camera and the microphone (once selected, you should see your phone screen on your computer)
  5. Go to your Periscope replay, hit record on Quicktime, hit play on the replay, and let it record!


I’m sure there will be another service coming out soon (or maybe one that’s already out there?) that does a similar thing to Katch, but this is a good reminder that relying on someone else’s platform for all of your good content is not a good idea—you do not have control over it. Even if it takes a little more work, get all that good stuff on your website!

And if you have other tips for how you’re handling the Katch situation, feel free to send me a message or tweet at me (@caitlinbrehm). I’ll keep this post updated!

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