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After Jens and Caroline’s wedding in London, Alex and I scooted over to Prague, a city that had been on both of our bucket lists for awhile.

Prague was the city that I was most excited about going into this trip. It’s a city of alchemy, mystique, and intrigue—East enough to break the mold of your standard European city.

As a place that has been virtually untouched by war, the architecture of Prague was varied and stunning. Perhaps in another life, I was an architect because this is always one of the things I notice and appreciate most when visiting new places.

I wish I could say more about this city, but I woke up our second day there with strep throat (of course I did). So as much as I wish I would have filmed myself feeling like death in a Czech doctor’s office waiting room or struggling to explain to the non-English speaking pharmacist that I would like some probiotics (ha just kidding), you’ll have to deal with the few scenes I was able to capture.

So the whole second day, I stayed in bed in the hotel room and made Alex go off to adventure (read: drink beer) on his own. That afternoon, frustrated that I was wasting this experience in such a gorgeous city, I popped some extra ibuprofen, peeled myself out of bed, and met up with Alex just in time to witness one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Sunset in Prague


Up next: Austria


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