How to Use Periscope to Boost Your Website's SEO
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How to Use Periscope to Boost Your Website’s SEO

How to use Periscope to boost your website's SEO

How to Use Periscope to Boost Your Website’s SEO

How to use Periscope to boost your website's SEO

If you’re a frequent Periscope user and you provide some valuable content on Periscope, you need to be implementing this tip to improve your website’s SEO and drive your Periscope visitors to your website!

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Why you need to do this:

  1. Verbally directing people to your website is not easy for them to remember unless you have a super rememberable / easy to spell domain
  2. Directing people to your page is directing them away from the rest of your content, which is no good!


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Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Create a custom landing page JUST for your periscope visitors OR do what I did and create a blog category specifically for Periscope replays
  2. Take the URL for that landing page or blog category and create a short, easy-to-remember link. Mine is
  3. In your Periscopes, direct visitors to that page for replays, email signups, your website, etc. etc.
  4. Under each video include:
    • A short summary of what you discussed (this is your keyword-rich content)
    • A bulleted list of the main topics you discussed (more keyword-rich content)
    • Links to any resources you mentioned, including links to your own stuff (that helps with SEO too!)
    • Ways to share the ‘scope! I included tweetables for mine, but use whichever sharing platform you love most!

Not sure how to get the Periscope replay on your site in the first place? Check out this post.

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