What if no one is reading my blog?

What if no one is reading my blog?

What if no one is reading my blog?

What if no one is reading my blog?

Let’s talk about blog posts and newsletters and where people read and engage with content for a hot second here.

(I know, I’m jumping right into it. Time is money, Honey.)

All around the interwebs people are getting discouraged by blogging.

“I know I SHOULD be blogging, but it feels like nobody is reading it!”

And the thing is…maybe that’s true, but my response is, “Who cares?”

“I care! I just spent 3+ hours putting that blog post together! I’ve got other ways I could be spending my time.”

“Okay, I see your point, but back away from the delete button and hear me out.”

Sorry, that turned into the kind of weird conversation with myself that I usually reserve for those moments when I’m home alone, not wearing pants, and eating chips and salsa straight from the jar.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

Your blog posts are what set you up as an expert. They give you the SEO points so that the search engines are like, “Woah this person is clearly an authority on [insert your topic here], so whenever people are searching for [insert that topic here], we should give them this website as a result.”

And that’s cool because you want people to find you for that topic of authority, right? +1 for blogging

Your blog posts reassure your ideal clients of your expertise. As a consumer, whenever you’re looking to buy into a service—whether that’s a photographer or a coach or a designer or hell, even a doctor (you’d better believe I’m going to Google someone before I let them poke me with a needle!)—you’re going to check out their website first, right? And maybe you give them the benefit of the doubt if their website is subpar (doctors aren’t really known for having spectacular websites), but if you find someone that DOES have a website with some blog posts that clearly demonstrate that they know their ish—especially if they specifically address your pain point, you’re going to hire them, right? +1 for blogging

But here’s the shift that people are talking about:

I’m finding that, more and more, people (myself included) are not regularly following blogs. They don’t have an RSS feed anymore (I’m still blaming Google Reader—R.I.P.—for that one), so remembering and having the time to go back and follow someone’s blog just doesn’t happen.

When you do read something from someone you follow, it’s probably because they shared it on social media and it piqued your interest. +1 for social media

Or because they either have an RSS feed newsletter or they talked about it and linked to it in their newsletter. +1 for newsletters

So here’s the answer:

Keep blogging! Those blog posts are what help get you found by people and what help nudge them to opt in to whatever you’re selling.

But also! Share the heck out of those posts multiple times over across your social platforms (it’s not annoying, it’s content strategy—get with it!).

And also, also! Get with your newsletter. That’s where you’re making that connection with the people who are already your people. Get personal here (you’re not attracting any SEO cred this way, so this is where you can reveal that you eat salsa from the jar while pantsless), but also don’t be afraid to tell them things like, “Hey guys! I wrote about how I use tarot cards as journaling prompts on the Being Boss blog this week. Check it out!

Or ask them if they’d like to subscribe to your blog posts straight to their inbox via RSS feed in addition to your exclusive newsletter content.

See? Easy-peasy.

Write that content. Get people to read it. Do the work.

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