London Wedding

London Wedding

London Wedding

London Wedding

Oh hey, remember that one time I went to Europe this summer?

Oh and also remember when I used to semi-regularly update my blog (I’ll have more about that later, but that’s not the point of this post)?

WELL I’m coming at you today with some dabbling in a new content medium: video.

This summer, Alex and I took a trip to Europe for our Camino de Santiago friend, Jens, and his wife Caroline’s wedding.

Every time I think about keeping in touch with our Camino crew—three+ years later—I get a little choked up. I mean, we all knew each other for a total of one month, but somehow those friendships we built—over blisters and sunburn and fatigue and the wine the comes with menu perigrinos—have persisted.

A handful of our Camino friends traveled to Portland for our wedding (from New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, and Germany!). Jens was not able to make it to our wedding because he’s a badass sound engineer who was on tour in Japan at the time, but he and his (then)girlfriend, Caroline, visited us just one year later as part of a U.S. trip.

(Also I’m totally already low-key planning our next reunion trip for next summer. Fingers crossed!)

So when Jens and Caroline got engaged and then invited us to their wedding in London, we were more than thrilled to reunite again to celebrate.

Alex and I had both already been to London previously, so it was nice not to worry about hitting all the touristy favorites (you’ll notice there’s no Big Ben or Westminster in this video—though we did happen to walk past the Tower of London and across Tower Bridge) and instead focus on catching up with our friends and marveling at how well we all dress up compared to our sweaty Camino hiking selves.

Okay but actually one still picture I want to share is this one that I took of Inês and (Austrian) Alex. My Alex and I were across the street at an ATM and I turned around and laughed to myself because these two were just standing against the black door all nonchalant looking too cool for school. So I sneakily took a photo of them because I wanted it to be candid, but then some homeless lady started yelling at me because she thought I was being a creeper, and she wouldn’t believe me that they were my friends.

Yikes. Sorry to stress you out, lady.


London was the first stop of a two-week European adventure. Instead of taking a bunch of photos, I decided to take video clips instead to play around with a video blog format. Let me know what you think?


Up next: Prague



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