Keywords in SEO

All About Keywords in SEO

Keywords in SEO

We’re delving into the world of keywords with this ‘scope. If you’re wondering what keywords are and how you can find the ones you should be targeting + how to use them to help your dream clients find you, make sure you check this one out!

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Topics discussed in this periscope:

  • What are keywords?
  • Bad forms of using keywords in SEO (black hat SEO)
  • How to brainstorm keywords to target for your business: mix of general, medium, and specific
  • How to implement keywords in your website
  • Skip to 11:01 to an actionable exercise to use your keywords for your brand
  • Skip to 17:14 to an actionable exercise to find more keyword ideas for your brand
  • Secretly this is all about content strategy!!
  • Using keywords for your business and brand on social media


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Resources mentioned:


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