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I Am Being Boss

I Am Being Boss

I Am Being Boss

I Am Being Boss

This year has been a personal-meets-professional whirlwind for me. I got started with freelancing (seriously freelancing, not just let-me-look-up-this-thing-on-Craigslist), decided I wanted to start my own business, started working with Braid Creative and Being Boss for some women that I admire and who inspire me on a ridiculously high level, I started connecting with some amazing creatives online who were also like me!—figuring out how to start their own business, I went to New Orleans with Being Boss and met some incredible people who pulled me in and gave me the confidence that I can actually do this thing, I quit my day job, I up-leveled a bunch of stuff for myself, I just got back from another Being Boss vacation in Miami which tore me apart and threw me back together in a deeply magical way, and now today I am a guest on the Being Boss Podcast as an expert in content strategy and SEO. I mean…WHAT?!

All this to say, I’m a slobbering mess of gratitude and optimism.

In one of the many late night poolside conversations I was a part of this weekend in Miami, we talked about how everyone you meet—whether your life partner or someone you accidentally bumped while you were getting off the bus—imprints on you to some degree. And I 100% believe that.

The more I make what I do focused on that human connection, the more I build relationships with other creative business owners, the more I create content and build my services based on how it will affect other people—the more the magic happens.

People want to get to know you. They want to peel back the layers. That deeper story, the sense of inclusivity, the honesty that comes with vulnerability—these are all things that deepen your connection with your audience and make them more invested in you.

As Emily summarized so beautifully for me at the end of this Being Boss episode, “It’s about writing real content for real humans, it’s about having a website that built smartly, and it’s about using social media in a way to promote what you do because if you put all of those things together, then that is Search Engine Optimization.” (AMEN!)

But even more than that, writing that real content reaches through the screen and invites your audience closer, a beautiful, well-made website shows them that you care about their visual experience, and using social media not only to promote, but to engage, helps you create that personal connection that says, “I’m not just waiting for you to find me, I want to find you.”

You can listen to my episode on Being Boss right here.


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