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Do you believe in the power of words? Stories hold our secrets, our dreams, our fears, and our history. And the right words can transport others to the same space, time, and energy.

These words are what get you found by your ideal clients online (from a search engine optimization aspect), but more importantly these words are what make those clients eyes fly across the screen, hungry for the next sentence because they find themselves around the corner of every comma, they gasp at your ability to articulate exactly what they’re struggling with, and they eagerly click the “contact” button because how is it that you just know them??

Why? Because you made them feel something. You put yourself in their shoes to craft a message that speaks to them, and they in turn saw themselves reflected in your message.

Like attracts like.

Whether we consciously do it or not, we all want to hire someone who is clearly talented and capable (I know you are, you don’t need my help with that), but also someone who understands us on a deeper level (now that message? I can help you with that).

Client Profile

Let's start with who your audience is. You need to get to know them like you're talking over coffee. We'll figure out their struggles, their fears, their dreams, their thought process, and what drives them. Because if you don't know this information, how can you even be sure you're reaching the right people?

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

I truly don't believe you can separate SEO from content strategy and social strategy—they all work together. But we'll do some keyword research to figure out specific search queries to target your ideal audience. Then we can use that information to optimize your site and provide an outline for your content strategy moving forward.

Website Copy

How does the content speak to your audience once they've finally found you? Are you capturing their attention, are you speaking to each of their pain points, are you appealing to their emotional interests? This is what SEO + content strategy cannot be separated—what good is SEO if your website copy doesn't intrigue your audience enough to contact you?

Content Sharing Strategy

How do you share your knowledge with your audience? Where do they hang out online? How can you give them glimpses of your personality and sneak peeks behind-the-scenes that assure them of your expertise and make them feel like they're part of the magic?

Caitlin Brehm Content Strategy SEO

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