Website Content: State of Mind Studio

State of Mind Studio Website Content Strategy

Website Content: State of Mind Studio

State of Mind Studio Website Content Strategy

This project captured my Pacific Northwest heart.

State of Mind Studio is a multimedia digital studio by creative couple, Lexi and Cody, that captures their clients’ stories through graphic design, photography, videography, and even sound production targeted specifically for modern outdoor enthusiasts.

There were a couple challenges with this project (but that’s what makes them fun, isn’t it?).

First, putting into words what their clients want. For an outdoor enthusiast, it could be multifold, and even once we narrowed it down (specifically outdoor enthusiasts who have been in it for awhile and are ready to invest in a rebrand or launch a big campaign to get to the next level), we had to figure out, “Okay what is the common need for these diverse clients? What is it that they can’t figure out how to do?”

State of Mind Studio

And with a little digging, we found it. But the challenge was that the reason these clients can’t figure out the problem is because what they want is to communicate something that is next to impossible to communicate with words.

What they wanted to communicate was that feeling.


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast of any kind, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s that feeling when you’re in it, completely absorbed in what you’re doing and humbled and connected and inspired and even a little scared of where you’re at/what you’re experiencing (the forest, a mountain side, the ocean, a big ass tree). This is the same feeling these clients want to capture at the heart of their message. And while that can be easier to do with some breathtaking photography, video, visual branding, and epic music, it’s not something that boils down to a word in the English language—especially when that feeling is captured differently for everyone (snowboarding, surfing, hiking, swimming, simply sitting under that big ass tree).

But of course the Germans have a word for it (of COURSE the Germans have a word for it)…


Waldeinsamkeit: the ineffable feeling of truly communing with nature.


Next, we had to strike the word “adventure” from the table. And you guys, as much as I appreciated this—because hello! cliché!—it made it all the more difficult. But Lexi and Cody were right, of course. Adventure can join right along the list of overused and misappropriated words (so make room, ‘vibrant’ and ‘authentic’).

State of Mind studio


Once we got their website copy down, it was just a matter of mapping out a blog strategy plan—something that will always be evolving as they continue to take the pulse of their audience. Their sharing strategy is mostly image-heavy (duh, their product is primarily visual-based), but we’ve got a couple plans in the works for content that will showcase their skills AND appeal to the outdoor enthusiast crowd, and we’re also working on developing a script for their About/Welcome video so that we can keep their website content primarily focused in the mediums they use for their own work: visual and audio.

I’m excited for what these guys create in the future, but check out what they’re doing already:

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