Honeymoon to Canada: Montreál

Virtually my entire life, I’ve lived in a state that shares a Canadian boarder, but it wasn’t until semi-recently ( when I took a year of French language classes in college ) that I’ve had any desire to travel there. When we were brainstorming where we wanted to go for our honeymoon, we realized that a beach getaway wasn’t very “us,” but a transatlantic trip sounded too exhausting/expensive/long for the amount of time we could afford. But Canada was unexplored territory for us, and with some of the oldest settlements in the “New World,” we could certainly spend our honeymoon among cobblestone streets and historic buildings.



Our Wedding

Vista Hills Wedding Portland

I’m having trouble trying to put into words how I feel about our wedding weekend. After much planning and craziness with friends and family arriving in Portland from all over the country (and all over the world!), The Big Weekend arrived so quickly, I felt like the wind was knocked out of me.


Arriving in Santiago and Saying Yes

We had stopped short the day before, just 10km from the final destination. We could have pushed on, but we wanted to slow down after what felt like racing the hordes of tourists each day who started at the 100km mark, the bare minimum, for the sake of receiving the Compostella. We wanted to savor another beer together, a final Menú Peregrino, the last steps as a group so that although we began this journey as complete strangers, we would be arriving in Santiago together with a friendship that dug deeper (in only a month) than any of us could have imagined.READ MORE