I Am Being Boss

I Am Being Boss

I Am Being Boss

This year has been a personal-meets-professional whirlwind for me. I got started with freelancing (seriously freelancing, not just let-me-look-up-this-thing-on-Craigslist), decided I wanted to start my own business, started working with Braid Creative and Being Boss for some women that I admire and who inspire me on a ridiculously high level, I started connecting with some amazing creatives online who were also like me!—figuring out how to start their own business, I went to New Orleans with Being Boss and met some incredible people who pulled me in and gave me the confidence that I can actually do this thing, I quit my day job, I up-leveled a bunch of stuff for myself, I just got back from another Being Boss vacation in Miami which tore me apart and threw me back together in a deeply magical way, and now today I am a guest on the Being Boss Podcast as an expert in content strategy and SEO. I mean…WHAT?!READ MORE

How to set up a custom domain email

How to Set Up a Custom Domain Email + Connect it with Your Gmail

How to set up a custom domain email

This is one of the most common technical questions I hear from people who are just getting their websites set up and looking for a more professional appearance in their business communication. After all, you as a business owner look so much more legit when communicating from someone from info@yourdomain.com rather than yourdomain01@gmail.com, right?READ MORE

July 2015 Analytics Traffic Update

July 2015 Traffic Update

July 2015 Analytics Traffic Update

Alright friends, it’s time for some transparency.

As part of my SEO services for creative entrepreneurs, I provide them with weekly and monthly traffic reports and keyword rankings so that I can track my SEO efforts and demonstrate how it helps my clients’ websites grow.

So I’m going to start posting monthly reports on my own site just to show how helpful these reports can be and what your analytics can teach you about how you use your website and how your visitors use your website as well.

I also wanted to start with last month (July) to show what happens when you don’t use your website for a month+ (like me, oops). As you know, I took a bit of a break from blogging.



Avg Time On Site





Bullshit excuses

Bullsh*t Excuses

Bullshit excuses

The other day I was following up with a potential client who had sent me a message asking if I would reach out to her again in a couple months when she’s ready.

I know how this sort of thing goes—you do your research ahead of time so that you can slide that information in your back pocket and carry it with you as you slowly gather the pieces you need to launch a business, website, or blog. I respect this sort of methodical behavior. I get it, I do the same thing.

“No problem,” I responded, “I’ll reach out again sometime this summer to see where you’re at, but in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if you’re ready to get started sooner than that.”

Minutes later, I got a response.

“Thanks,” she had written. “I’m currently getting Invisalign done and want to wait until my teeth are fixed so that I can get some nice head shots taken for me to launch my website.”

*Cue jaw drop*


Chasing Mountains

Mount Hood

Growing up in the Midwest, my life was literally flat (it’s one of the things that strikes me most when I go back to visit). Sure we have a lot of lakes and there’s plenty of natural beauty to be seen, but the land stretches as far as you can see, and any semblance of a horizon is a dotting of buildings or trees.

We had a ski hill in my city which was literally a pile of garbage. It’s actually a genius idea: the city took a landfill and converted it into a ski slope hill bump, which the high school ski clubs frequented (and it all seriousness, calling it a pile of garbage isn’t fair, it’s actually a really nice ski bump). That’s where I learned the difference between pizza wedge and french fries, and where I spent several years thinking this is what skiing was.READ MORE

Fix-It Friday

Fix-It Friday

Have you all heard of Sarah from XOSarah.com? I’ve been following this badass business blogger for a couple years now and I basically just love everything she does. From freelance tips, to blogging design tutorials, to coaching and design for fellow bloggers (with the occasional circus performer post mixed in-between), this babe is constantly dishing out beautifully designed, quality content for her readers.READ MORE



We’re getting all social media up in here today! The beautiful, talented, PR Pro, and hot chocolate-obsessed, Kayla Hollatz recently started an instantly successful Twitter chat called #CreateLounge which covers all things branding, blogging, and creative businessing.

More than just a twitter chat, this weekly tweeting get-together has really become a community of a bunch of awesome people who encourage, inspire, and discuss some awesome topics for an hour each week (past topics have included: Rest in the Creative Process, Balancing a Blog + Day Job, Creative Environments, and Building Online Trust).


Be Free, Lance

Be Free Lance


I could apologize for not posting in awhile, but I’m not going to because I’ve had exciting things going behind the scenes (more on that later)!

One of the things I’ve been especially excited about this week is the registration launch of a new workshop for freelance creatives called Be Free, Lance (cute name, huh?).

I think I’ve linked to her blog a couple times in the past, but this workshop comes in part from one of my friends from high school, Breanna. As with most people, we lost contact throughout the college years, but I began following her blog after we graduated when she decided to kick conformity to the curb by working her butt off to work on her own terms and start her own design studio, Rowan Made. It’s been so fun to (virtually) follow her journey and I was so excited when she asked me to help edit some of the content for the new Be Free, Lance workshop that she started with designer friend Jen Serafini (whom I’ve never met, but she does some amazing things in her studio as well!).

I will definitely be taking part in this workshop with some of the delicious ideas I have cooking up my sleeve, and I invite you to join me with this exciting promo:READ MORE

A Certain Kind of Fairytale


We met freshman year of high school…technically. Being in the same English class, but seated on opposite sides of the room didn’t lend much introduction time to two awkward teenagers (one of us with braces), and to be honest, I was more interested in a classmate who went by the same name and sat two chairs behind me.

But I guess we officially “met” online (or as “online” as things got back in the pre-Facebook days). He had just starting dating one of my best friends. One afternoon after school, she and I were chatting on AIM (remember AIM? I’m pretty sure my theangelgurl07 screen name is still active…) about this “new guy” who made her “so ridiculously happy.” I was thrilled to see my friend with someone who made her so happy.

“Tell him I say thank you,” I typed, excited to convey how much I approved of this new guy.

A few seconds later, a notification blinked across my screen from ind00rsunglasses. I didn’t recognize this screen name, so I warily accepted with my cursor hovering over the “block” button in case this turned out to be one of those internet creeps who find out where you live from your IP address and try to murder you while you’re babysitting if you don’t forward their chain email (isn’t that how it worked?).

“You’re welcome,” said ind00rsunglasses. “This is Alex.”READ MORE

Coffee Date

Coffee Date

If we were meeting for a coffee date, I’d probably squeal a little too loudly when you walked through the door. I’m sorry, it’s something I can’t help when I get too excited.

“It’s been so long!” I’d say, pulling you in for a hug and squeezing you for a second longer than usual because I’ve just missed you so much. “How are you? You look great!” (Oh, by the way, thank you for not mentioning my greasy day-old hair)

We’d slip in line to order drinks, wondering aloud how long it’s been since the last time we truly got a chance to catch up. I would order a regular coffee with room for soy because even though it’s hot outside, the air conditioner is kicking strong in here, and besides, I need the caffeine. I’m getting married in 16 days, and I’m exhausted. You’d probably order something more weather appropriate because your sanity is still in tact…an iced coffee? A blended drink? Iced tea?READ MORE