Austria: From Countryside to City

Amoxicillin in hand, we set off on the train from Prague to Brno—basically the last city south of Prague before you hit the Austrian border.

Brno wasn’t necessarily a destination we had much interest in, but our Austrian friend, Alex, who we had met on the Camino de Santiago had agreed to pick us up there to kick off our time in Austria.READ MORE




After Jens and Caroline’s wedding in London, Alex and I scooted over to Prague, a city that had been on both of our bucket lists for awhile.

Prague was the city that I was most excited about going into this trip. It’s a city of alchemy, mystique, and intrigue—East enough to break the mold of your standard European city.READ MORE

London Wedding

London Wedding

London Wedding

Oh hey, remember that one time I went to Europe this summer?

Oh and also remember when I used to semi-regularly update my blog (I’ll have more about that later, but that’s not the point of this post)?

WELL I’m coming at you today with some dabbling in a new content medium: video.


Start of the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago Day Zero: Getting to Roncesvalles

Start of the Camino de Santiago

I’ve been doing a lot of wanderlusting lately. My life this past year and half has been an adventure. We packed up our life in Chicago and shipped it off in a PODS unit to Portland, Oregon (where I had never been before) save for our backpacks filled with a minimal amount of items to get us through the next month in Spain on the Camino de Santiago.

I wrote some blog posts leading up to our trip, a couple during the trip, and a handful more after returning to the States. But since Alex proposed to me at the end of the Camino de Santiago, so began the flurry of wedding planning and settling into our new life in Portland, so for the next year-plus of my life, I was consumed with wedding planning, unpacking, and finding my place in my new home.

But I’m starting to feel that pull for adventure again. The Camino de Santiago was one of the most amazing experiences of my life (heck, I even got a tattoo to commemorate the trip), and yet my blog is strangely lacking in detail of this amazing journey. So, over a year and a half later, I’m going to pick back up this story and fill in the details.READ MORE

Starting the Year at the Coast

PNW Ocean

When most of us think of a getaway weekend to the beach, we imagine sunglasses, barefoot walks, and bronzed skin. But going to the beach in the Pacific Northwest presents a more nature-y, introverted sort of vacation that doesn’t seem as enjoyable until you’ve experienced it yourself.

There’s something deliciously romantic and rejuvenating about cold and misty walks on the beach, huddled in sweatshirts and hats. The ocean has a different personality in the winter, earnest and commanding, pensive and moody. And rather than the lazy, sleepy, sun-drunken haze that surrounds a summery beach, a winter beach makes you more alert, perceptive, and freshly introspective.


Honeymoon to Canada: Montreál

Virtually my entire life, I’ve lived in a state that shares a Canadian boarder, but it wasn’t until semi-recently ( when I took a year of French language classes in college ) that I’ve had any desire to travel there. When we were brainstorming where we wanted to go for our honeymoon, we realized that a beach getaway wasn’t very “us,” but a transatlantic trip sounded too exhausting/expensive/long for the amount of time we could afford. But Canada was unexplored territory for us, and with some of the oldest settlements in the “New World,” we could certainly spend our honeymoon among cobblestone streets and historic buildings.



Angel’s Rest/Devil’s Rest Loop

Angel's Rest

After two weeks without a hike, this weekend was a hike-no-matter-what sort of weekend, so Saturday came with overcast skies and the threat of rain, but we laced up our hiking boots anyway and brushed it off as a benefit that at least not as many people would be on the trails.

Our weekend adventures was the Angel’s Rest/Devil’s Rest loop of the Columbia River Gorge. This hike is considered moderate level/family friendly as the first part (up to Angel’s Rest) is only a 2.4mi hike up to the exposed bluff of the Columbia River Gorge with amazing views.READ MORE

Trail of Ten Falls : Silver Falls State Park

This past weekend Alex and I went on a semi-impromptu hiking adventure about an hour and a half south to Silver Falls State Park to hike the 8.7-mile loop of the Canyon Trail or Trail of Ten Falls, which as you can guess by the name, is a waterfall hike.

Trail of Ten Falls - Silver Falls State Park

There’s not much I can say about this hike except HOLY GORGEOUS! The Silver Falls State Park is the largest state park in Oregon located just east of Salem. It’s consider a temperate rainforest with miles of hiking, horse, and bike trails as well as picnic grounds and other recreation sites.READ MORE

Arriving in Santiago and Saying Yes

We had stopped short the day before, just 10km from the final destination. We could have pushed on, but we wanted to slow down after what felt like racing the hordes of tourists each day who started at the 100km mark, the bare minimum, for the sake of receiving the Compostella. We wanted to savor another beer together, a final Menú Peregrino, the last steps as a group so that although we began this journey as complete strangers, we would be arriving in Santiago together with a friendship that dug deeper (in only a month) than any of us could have imagined.READ MORE