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Welcome Periscope friends!

Instagram Algorithm Changes

Instagram’s New Algorithm Change

Instagram Algorithm Changes

Today I woke up to almost half my Instagram feed absolutely freaking out about the new algorithm change and asking followers to turn on notifications so they don’t miss posts. So let’s talk about what exactly algorithms are, why they’re a good thing, what the new Instagram algorithm change means, and why asking your followers to turn on notifications is a BAD idea (I talk about the real solution).READ MORE

Keywords in SEO

All About Keywords in SEO

Keywords in SEO

We’re delving into the world of keywords with this ‘scope. If you’re wondering what keywords are and how you can find the ones you should be targeting + how to use them to help your dream clients find you, make sure you check this one out!


SEO Misconceptions

SEO misconceptions

Disclaimer: This was my first “on-brand” periscope. I didn’t know to turn off the location so I had a bunch of trolls harassing me—apologies for the distractions/garbled trains of thought because of that.READ MORE