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Share Your Content

You Need to Share Your Content (Even if People Try to Copy You)

Share Your Content

I’ve been talking to a lot of creatives lately. Most of them—like me—are just taking that first leap into entrepreneurdom. Others are obsessively consuming webinars, ecourses, and blog posts to gather information for the moment when they are ready to shed the 9-to-5 norm. But a topic that has been coming up time and time again has been the fear of copycats. Some of these creatives (myself included) are afraid of having their own work stolen/copied, others are afraid of inadvertently coping someone they admire…or shrinking in fear because their grand business idea is already being done by someone else.

Bleh. I’m so over it.

Guess what? You are not original.

Your idea? Someone has already had it.

Your business? There are approximately 39485349875948735 people also doing it.

But does that mean you should avoid sharing your content all-together? Heck to the no!READ MORE