Buying a House

Buying a House

Buying a House

Buying a House

As you’re reading this, I’m scrambling around trying to finish up last minute packing because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! And we move in this weekend!

Here’s the thing about the Portland housing market: it’s craaaaaaaaazy.

Who would have thought that there were so many hipsters in this country who fell in love with the PNW wonderland and wanted to hunker down in a place that sure, rains a lot, but also embraces backyard chickens, basically pumps coffee and craft beer through your faucet, and where you can forgo landscaping and just allow your yard to be overrun with rosemary, hops, and rose bushes?

ANYWAY. All that to say, housing prices are skyrocketing and competition is Top Model-style fierce.

So in a market where everyone is offering above the asking price and houses are only on the market for a couple days before they’re snatched up, what sets you apart? Your story.

Our experience was exceptional. We found our house on our first day looking, and we immediately ran to a coffee shop with our realtor to submit our proposal just hours before the seller closed the window to make a decision.

Now HUGE sidebar: we had some incredible people working for us to make this all happen, but that’s not the point that drives home my story, so as grateful as I am for our realtor, our lender, our amazing friend who connected us to them all for hooking us up with all the best home-buying tricks, and some financial help from family, they’re going to take a backseat on this one.

As part of the proposal, we chose to submit a personal letter to the seller introducing ourselves and explaining why we wanted to buy their house.

This is a pretty standard part of the home buying process, but since ya girl is a content strategist, I knew that this would be the clincher in the deal…and I was right.

You see, I knew that there were other offers on the table. I knew that other people were also writing letters and talking about sums of money that make me want to throw up and also working with talented realtors. So I put my own skills to use and considered my own advice that I would give to my clients.

This seller is considering several other offers. So why would they pick us?

We pulled together all the information we had + did some light stalking to come up with a list of things we knew about her and the house—and therefore what her thought process might be in deciding who to sell it to.

  • She’s an older woman—potentially a mother (based on a Facebook photo). Family is probably important.
  • She created a magical fairy garden backyard (that was not there when we referenced photos of the house at the time she bought it). She’s a garden/nature nut.
  • Unique feature: cork floors. Eco-friendly + intentional material choices.
  • The house was in great condition and had a good vibe. She cared for the house and would probably want the next owner to do the same.

So based on that, we wrote a letter praising her garden, talking about how cool it is to have eco-friendly flooring, and how we could envision starting our own family in a house that clearly already holds so many happy memories.

None of that is a lie, but based on what we knew about her and what we could guess about her, we were able to mold our story to touch on all the things we guessed were most important to her.

And even though we were the buyers in this situation, it’s important for those of us who are selling products and services to do as well.

Now, I invite you to do the same: Make a list of all the things you know about your ideal client(s).

  • Their biggest frustration is _________.
  • They’ve already invested in ________.
  • They’re totally clueless when it comes to _________.
  • Their guilty pleasure is _________.
  • Go crazy here! Get as detailed as you can.

Then ask yourself: Does your content touch on each of those pain points and on each of the things that are important to them? Because it should.

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