Misconceptions About SEO + Taking a Holistic Approach

holistic SEO

Lately when I’ve been explaining SEO to clients I’ve been throwing around the phrase “holistic SEO,” which I’m pretty sure I made up I just did a Google search and apparently I did not make it up, but I’m sticking to it, and in fact, I’m building my whole brand around it.

It’s not because I have woo-woo tendencies or because I’m a vegetarian or because I only wash my face with coconut oil and use vinegar as my primary housecleaning agent rather than chemicals or bleach (though all of those things are true), but because I truly believe you cannot separate SEO from the rest of your website/marketing efforts. In the similar mindset of holistic medicine, SEO needs to be applied as you’re looking at every piece of the puzzle in order to have a healthy website.READ MORE

Bullshit excuses

Bullsh*t Excuses

Bullshit excuses

The other day I was following up with a potential client who had sent me a message asking if I would reach out to her again in a couple months when she’s ready.

I know how this sort of thing goes—you do your research ahead of time so that you can slide that information in your back pocket and carry it with you as you slowly gather the pieces you need to launch a business, website, or blog. I respect this sort of methodical behavior. I get it, I do the same thing.

“No problem,” I responded, “I’ll reach out again sometime this summer to see where you’re at, but in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if you’re ready to get started sooner than that.”

Minutes later, I got a response.

“Thanks,” she had written. “I’m currently getting Invisalign done and want to wait until my teeth are fixed so that I can get some nice head shots taken for me to launch my website.”

*Cue jaw drop*


how to tell if my website is mobile-friendly

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

how to tell if my website is mobile-friendly

You may have heard of the term “mobile-friendly,” or “mobile-responsive,” or just “responsive” in reference to a website, but do you know how to tell whether or not a website—specifically your website—can make that claim?

Back in the day, if you wanted a mobile website, you actually had two different websites (one of which was on a subdomain). One that was triggered for desktops and laptops, and one that was triggered for mobile devices. In most cases, people gave these two sites the same design, so the difference between them was minimal, but you still had to actually develop a second site and pay for it separately, if you made changes to one version, you had to make sure you made changes to the other, and it made it more difficult for search engines to correctly index + rank the webite. *cue happy feelings about how far technology has come*


Chasing Mountains

Mount Hood

Growing up in the Midwest, my life was literally flat (it’s one of the things that strikes me most when I go back to visit). Sure we have a lot of lakes and there’s plenty of natural beauty to be seen, but the land stretches as far as you can see, and any semblance of a horizon is a dotting of buildings or trees.

We had a ski hill in my city which was literally a pile of garbage. It’s actually a genius idea: the city took a landfill and converted it into a ski slope hill bump, which the high school ski clubs frequented (and it all seriousness, calling it a pile of garbage isn’t fair, it’s actually a really nice ski bump). That’s where I learned the difference between pizza wedge and french fries, and where I spent several years thinking this is what skiing was.READ MORE

Fix-It Friday

Fix-It Friday

Have you all heard of Sarah from XOSarah.com? I’ve been following this badass business blogger for a couple years now and I basically just love everything she does. From freelance tips, to blogging design tutorials, to coaching and design for fellow bloggers (with the occasional circus performer post mixed in-between), this babe is constantly dishing out beautifully designed, quality content for her readers.READ MORE

Understanding Analytics: Intelligence Events & Real-Time

intelligence events real-time

This is my favorite section of Google Analytics because it totally indulges my inner creep. These are the parts of Google Analytics that alert you in real-time when things are happening on your blog or website so that you can majorly creep on your audience you can potentially take action based on how visitors are currently viewing your website.READ MORE



We’re getting all social media up in here today! The beautiful, talented, PR Pro, and hot chocolate-obsessed, Kayla Hollatz recently started an instantly successful Twitter chat called #CreateLounge which covers all things branding, blogging, and creative businessing.

More than just a twitter chat, this weekly tweeting get-together has really become a community of a bunch of awesome people who encourage, inspire, and discuss some awesome topics for an hour each week (past topics have included: Rest in the Creative Process, Balancing a Blog + Day Job, Creative Environments, and Building Online Trust).


Understanding Analytics: Behavior

google analytics behavior

In this Understanding Google Analytics series, we’ve talked about the metrics that give you insights as to who your Audience is and also how they arrived at your website (Acquisition), so today we’ll go over the metrics that give you insights of your visitors’ behavior when they’re on your website.

As much as it’s useful to know who your visitors are and where they come from, it’s crucial to know which pages your visitors are interacting with and what paths of navigation they are taking around your website. This can help you present your most important information accordingly.READ MORE

How to track Instagram referrals in Google Analytics

How to Track Instagram Referrals in Google Analytics

How to track Instagram referrals in Google Analytics

Update! Google is now tracking Instagram referrals in Google Analytics (hooray!!). To see your referrals from Instagram, sign into your Google Analytics account, go to Aquisition (in the left sidebar), All Traffic, then Referrals.

If you’d like alternative ways for tracking Instagram referrals, keep reading…