New Year’s Resolutions

Here I am at another transition point in my life. I am moving into a new apartment—a new apartment with my boyfriend. It’s summertime and beautiful outside. Life is brimming with possibility, so what better time than to make some life adjustments while I have the motivation to do so?READ MORE

Nothing ever happens around here

It was a lazy summer afternoon in grade school. My best friend at the time, Jenni, and I were sitting in my backyard without anything to do. School was out for the summer which gave us all the freedom our young minds could dream of, but we had already exhausted our usual make-believe games and my mom refused to help us set up the blow-up pool because it was almost dinner time anyway.READ MORE


Just as a child absorbs language and social norms without much explanation or question, a child from the Midwest grows up understanding that humidity is a normal phenomenon during the (short) summer season usually followed by rain. Today in good ol’ Wisconsin was such a day. The morning was warm, but as the day progressed, the humidity rose to levels of yuck. Luckily I was working in the air conditioning all day, but we could measure the weather’s progression by the number of iced drinks being ordered and the size of the sweat stains on customers’ shirts as the day wore on. As the heavy air became thicker and thicker, every few customers would make a comment that it was about to rain at any moment, I can feel it!READ MORE


I used to keep a journal, but I’m terrible at keeping it updated (much as I am with blogging *ahem ahem*). It used to be a place to pour out angsty teenage thoughts, a place to attempt to work out some of the bigger questions in my (high school) life, document my travels, etc. But no matter the use, there are always four or five consecutive entries followed by gaps spanning months of time. When I came to college and declared my Creative Writing degree (even though I clearly placed more focus on my Spanish degree), it became a place to jot down random thoughts, moments, scraps of story lines, and poems too terrible to bring to workshop.I was flipping through this “journal” this afternoon to add a list to its assortment of oddities. Flipping to find the next blank page, I landed on the last entry which caught my eye because it was not dated (as usual). I began reading it and originally thought that it was something I liked from somewhere and decided to copy for inspiration, but then realized I had written it at the beginning of last semester (holy long time ago, Batman). Anyway I decided to post it here because it’s one of the few times I have re-read something I’ve written and actually kind of liked it.READ MORE

Like a fly

I normally would not be blogging at this hour but my fingers longed to perform the interpretive tap dance across my keyboard to the late night rhythm of my restless mind. So here I am in the the darkness of my room lying on my bed with my laptop like a little kid hiding under her covers with a flashlight and book when she is supposed to be asleep.READ MORE

Clean Laundry

Home for winter break and just finished doing the stereotypical bring-all-your-dirty-clothes-home-to-wash-because-you-can’t-afford-the-dollar-per-load-prices-at-the-nearest-laundromat-since-I’m-a-poor-college-student load of laundry, I had a moment of time travel.READ MORE