Content Strategy, Website Copy + SEO for Creative Entrepreneurs
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Every brand has a three-part story to tell…

Website Content

The story you present with your website content—attractively packaged into your visual brand, explaining what you do and that tugs at your audience's heartstrings, making them feel like your service was made specifically for them.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

The story you tell the search engines—a technical representation of what you do, using a mix of carefully researched keywords based on a deeper understanding of who your audience is and what they're looking for, in the oh-so-romantic language of HTML.

Sharing Strategy

The story you tell on your sharing platforms—offering glimpses of your personality, teaching what you know, and sharing ideas that reinforce your expertise while inviting your audience to be involved in the magic you create.

What is the story you tell?

A lot of SEO professionals focus too much on the search engine bots and forget about the humans. But plenty of content creators don’t know how to weave a beautiful story that also gets you found online. I take a holistic approach to combine the best of both worlds.

Nice to meet you!
Caitlin Brehm
I’m Caitlin and I’m a content strategist and SEO whisperer. I help creative entrepreneurs who want to get found by their ideal clients online to create website copy that pulls at their heartstrings and compels them to action. And I help create a blogging and social media sharing strategy that will help them connect with their audience with a clear, consistent message, voice, and story. Because the most important thing about connecting with your audience online is understanding how they think: their deepest fears, their greatest dreams, what drives them forward, what they’re searching for, and what they desperately want to know that they can learn from you. If you can speak specifically to those points on an emotional level, they will feel like what you offer is made specifically for them.

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