You know when you meet a friend for coffee? You cozy up at your favorite table in the corner by the window, hands cupped around warm mugs, the distraction of the rest of the world starting to melt away.

It’s just the two of you. Maybe this is the first time you meet. Maybe this is your weekly ritual going on four years.

You may breeze through a few superficial conversation points (because the weather has been surprisingly normal for this time of year, and of course we’ve got to account for how our parents, siblings, partners, and dogs are all doing), but before long you find yourself in it.

Because in this place of Magical Coffeeshop Land, no subjects are off topic. The music playing, the milk steaming, and the gentle chatter of other customers provide a perfect blanket of confidentiality.

You’re talking about your fears, your dreams, and thoughts that perhaps you’ve never even voiced out loud before. You’re absolutely lit up and buzzing with energy from your scalp to your fingertips to your toes (maybe that’s a little bit the coffee talking, but mostly it’s the conversation).

That’s where the story is. It floats between your heart and your gut. It weaves its way through all the things that make your blood pump faster and your voice more animated. And that’s what I’m creating here.

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